Rumi’s Field

macca dead

“But where do you go to my lovely
When you’re alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head”

(Chorus of “Where do you go to my lovely? By Peter Sarstedt)

We may have watched a telling video, film or TV programme. Or read a book, listened to an interview, and/or been gradually worn down or out over the years. It matters little for us, surely, how we woke up, what matters is that we did. Of course it matters massively when we consider the next steps because most of us (all of us?) want to help others wake up.

So we know it was all a lie. The mainstream news only at its very pinnacle informs. Almost all of the time we are misled, deceived and brainwashed. More often than not we are fed trivia and distraction. We learn not to trust politicians, Big Pharma, most major companies and corporations. The scams of Big Energy and Big Food. Whilst we may admire the individual bravery of people who have fought oppression during wars, we despise those who sent them to fight for their deception. History, as taught in schools is more than bunk Mr Ford it is a calculated catalogue of untruths.

The premises on which information about who and what we are as people, as humans, are invariably false.

“Popular culture” is another fabrication it has been trivialised, mechanised, sanitised and commercialised beyond recognition. I grew up in an era where musicians became famous mostly through their own talent. Talent has now been hijacked, digitised and commodified. The real Paul McCartney died.

Going out in the world, we switch on the radio. If we are lucky we may listen to genuinely decent music without being sold bullshit between tunes. For the most part we hear the same cretinous dirge from manufactured nobodies. Or we listen to an interview with someone who finds themselves on a pedestal because they excel at certain sports. Very rarely do we celebrate the carers, the unsung heroes, or the amazing feats carried out daily by the bulk of the population. To acknowledge and celebrate those who care for and serve others or fight the corrupt system would hold up too telling a mirror to the insanity of a world which celebrates death, destruction, the ability to imitate someone else well (acting), deception, trivia and everything else we are sickeningly familiar with.

Can we escape it? Turn off the television, never go to a newsagents, never listen to the radio, and most significantly of all how do we deal with those who regard the world as mostly sane, mostly okay and in need of some fine tuning at best?

Until I realised the world’s weather was being manipulated I could go out and enjoy the sun, gaze up at the sky and marvel at a typical natural vista. I could feel superior with my vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian diet. I could sneer at those who were ill by having a stress-free, vaccine free, hospital free lifestyle. I could avoid the excesses of mobile phones by subscribing to a 2G network.

(A caveat is necessary here. I stopped sneering at people who were ill in 1995 when I became a psychotherapist. And if I’m honest I can’t sneer anyway, I probably just felt a little superior…or lucky…)

But no more.

The 5G kill grid beckons. GMO’s have been drip fed into the food chain. The incidence of chronic illness is going through the roof. And I can’t stop the chemtrails on my own.

So where do we go to my lovelies? How do we find peace? What is left unadulterated, unspoiled and untouched by “evil”?

I have spent my whole life learning about the world. I became aware at a very early age about lies and distortions and so much that didn’t resonate with me. I have fought the injustices of racism, paedophilia, sexism and all kinds of ludicrous, pervasive discrimination. As a healer and psychotherapist I have and continue to help those abused by this life either by their own unconscious efforts or through a system they don’t understand.

Those running the system are clever bastards, and they have many willing helpers. To resist unchecked, uncontrolled deliberate immigration makes you a racist. To condemn the apartheid state of Israel and to defend Palestinians makes you anti-Semitic. To become alarmed when kids are being duped and brainwashed into “self-identification” and worse medical procedures makes you transphobic. To vote to leave the Orwellian nightmare that is the EU makes you a fascist. To resist the real agenda of the elite, cloaked in many layers of seemingly humanitarian sentiments is as we know to come up against the “progressive” bleeding-heart Mafia. Let us pass on the global warming scam…

All of you who relate to this are familiar with the episodes which make us feel like giving up. The hardest perhaps is banging your head against a brick wall with friends and family. I have never sought the seclusion of some kind of sanctuary for truth activists because by withdrawing from the world we can achieve nothing. And yes we can achieve very much through contemplation, meditation and distant healing. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Reading this may depress a few at this point. Fear not we are about to turn the corner. And anyone who gets depressed about reading about how things are still has some learning to do. You can choose any subject you like, global paedophilia, endless wars, Satanism, the plan to cull 95% of us, innocent people watching loved ones suffer through known natural cures being illegal. Take your pick, swap places with those on the receiving end. No, my friends it is our duty to remain upbeat and optimistic. They don’t know it yet, but the sheeple will turn to us when the shit really hits the fan.

How do we take time out from this nightmare? I don’t do drugs and alcohol, but would condemn no one who did unless it is to excess and damaging. Visiting ancient sites, sacred sites is a wonderful antidote. Visiting countries and places that make your heart sing-in my case Greece-is massively therapeutic. Reading mainly spiritual texts, because too much truth activism can be depressing, and crime novels is good for me too (the good guy usually wins).

We all celebrate when examples of small victories against the matrix become known. Virtually all cases of people from any corner of the globe waking up and fighting the system. In my case seeing healing/therapy clients get better, get their life in order and thrive is the greatest feeling.

I’m sure I speak for almost all of us when I say we have to feel that we are making a difference, relieving the suffering, highlighting injustice, creating liberating processes, being at one with humanity, all sentient beings and the planet. Of course you could add to that list all sentient beings in the universe and the universe itself.

So when you learn about, watch or have to listen to the conditioned lies and myths of innumerable millennia one more time, go to that place within you of peace, of connection of stillness.

I could say, and I would be right, that you signed up for this prior to incarnation. But I know it doesn’t always help to realise that or be reminded of it. Walking down the street with your They Live glasses you realise the manipulators are at large. We continue to raise our vibration; benign forces not only exist but are here to help us. You don’t have to come back here, to the earth plane, but again I realise I’m speaking for millions when I say it would be nice to have the job done before we leave.

I’ll close with a cliché. We could all “walk under a bus” tomorrow. Hope however, dies last and as long as I am conscious and breathing I remain the eternal optimist. Waking up in the morning, grim faced and miserable, clueless, in dire need of an energy drink or Trump’s chlorinated chicken is my idea of hell. Until I come to love my own servitude, never ever give up.

We can and will do this. Truth activists, ambassadors of spirit and real social justice warriors I salute you. And for everyone else doing your best in a world growing less sane by the day, bless you all.

Jack Stewart, less burdened after the catharsis of writing, Wednesday, 12 June 2019.

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