Ringing the Changes

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Nearly 25 years ago I travelled to Russia, in winter, to attend an NLP (see below) trainers course. I was a day late getting there because my flight from Manchester airport was cancelled owing to the bad weather. Fascinatingly the two weeks I spent in Zvenigorod, the average daytime temperature was -20 Celsius.

Perhaps it was inevitable because during my teenage years I developed a fascination for what was then the Soviet Union and studied the Russian language (hopeless) from a “Teach Yourself” book. At University one of the courses I took was Russian studies. I cannot trace the origins of my fascination, perhaps the Russian Revolution played a part, or maybe watching Dr Zhivago was the clincher.

Zvenigorod is the town where one Nazi advance in Russia was halted by the 5th (Red) Army in 1941. Spending two weeks with amazing Russian people in a rather dubious institution where the course was held had a lasting impact on me. I was to learn many things over and above Neuro Linguistic Programming. Not least the massive understatement of how many Russians died during World War II. I could write a short chapter on my experiences during that fateful winter.

I am a Grecophile, Hibernophile and a Russophile. Probably in that order. And if you have never been to Moscow you are missing the experience of a lifetime.

How do you find works (books, music, films, videos) that interest and inspire you? You will all have your own formula. Many years ago I read a book called The Cornucopia of Substance by the late Kenneth G Mills, a Canadian Mystic. No doubt if I were to reread it today it would make a lot more sense. At the time I read it it made very little sense but I felt compelled to read all of it. I’m convinced much of the wisdom contained “went in” via my subconscious. If you doubt this principle I can assure you most of what makes your “model of the world” has been acquired the same way.

A few weeks ago references to a series of books called The Ringing Cedars came to my attention. To ignore these kinds of “coincidences” is to miss out on everything. Although buying things from Amazon causes a degree of inner conflict, buying second-hand books through their re-sellers does not. Apart from the recycling aspect, my being a bibliophile and wanting to preserve this medium for all time, resold books are usually very cheap. However the nine books in The Ringing Cedars series vary massively in price. In fact each time I go onto Amazon the prices change. I have bought two books from the USA website, one of which is sold from the UK. Apparently the most stolen book from many bookstores is Anastasia, book one of the series.

Anastasia is the book the editor of Nexus Magazine told readers to buy if it were the only one they ever bought in their lifetime.

I have bought three books in the series and borrowed one from the local library. Rest assured I will read the whole series even if it means spending over £150 to buy the full set. I cannot estimate the number of books I’ve read in my lifetime. Hundreds, maybe even thousands. I find it difficult to disagree with the editor. And I’ve only nearly finished Anastasia and have read about a quarter of book 5, Who Are We? Another interesting aspect of these books is that they have sold upwards of 10 million copies without any marketing other than word-of-mouth. And inside the cover of Anastasia all the testimonials are written by “ordinary” people.

I’m humble enough, old enough and have been out of the spiritual community long enough to be unfazed by the fact few people read this blog. In an age when people achieve fame merely by pulling faces, taking “selfies” and “hanging out” I am somewhat reassured that my autograph isn’t sought. I would be lying however if I thought no one reads this because a truly life changing experience awaits. And I have believed for a long time:

“If a single individual wanted a second Sun to flare up in the sky, it would not appear. Things are arranged this way so that planetary catastrophes do not happen. But if everybody together wanted a second Sun, it would appear.”

Anastasia p. 173

Go ahead, buy some of the books I was about to, lift yourself up and help change the world. Want more? Go to www.ringingcedars.com and be convinced.

Jack Stewart, May 26 2019.

P.S. if you never fully understood why “the West” demonises Russia and all its works reading these books will tell you.

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