Who needs enemies when the body is attacking itself?

auto immune

Is the body a collection of semi-autonomous parts or a whole system integrated with nature, the planet and all its constituents and the universe in general?

If I have learnt anything in this lifetime, it is that we don’t know all the answers. And what I do know is that there are processes, substances and procedures that are toxic to the mind body and spirit. But of course often the mainstream and by definition the majority of the population find out only too late. Smoking killed my father. Thalidomide was safe. The carcinogen Glyphosphate is becoming exposed. Many countries and regulatory bodies around the world are awake to the “kill grid” that is 5G. Oh and did I mention Thimerosal (Mercury) in vaccines?

The toxic nature of the world we live in is placing massive strains on any kind of health agency. You can look at statistics about the insane increases in the incidence of all kinds of cancers in the last 50 years- but do it carefully, many statistics are rigged- or you can go down your local supermarket for a snapshot of the health of the population. (I remember as a young child going to the local GP’s surgery, dozens of people, ashen faced, many smoking were queueing up to be administered their prescription. It was like a scene from a horror film). Fast forward 60 years, edit out the smoking, and the same scene is repeated in retail parks, supermarkets and in so many places where “ordinary” people gather.

So we have a problem. Do we manage the problem or solve it? Who do we trust?

Who is responsible for our health?

I’m almost at the point of giving up, but it will take more than the deadly weariness that very occasionally flares up from a life of going against the mainstream. Our beliefs determine our biology. A caveat for the most cynical. Falling off a ladder, drinking poison, moving to Fukushima are all likely to shorten your life, whatever your beliefs. But who except the most disturbed would consciously drink poison?

Who is responsible for knowing as much as we can about what we consume, subject ourselves to or keep tugging the forelock?

Here’s a theme you may have come across in this blog. Is this life all there is and are our five senses sufficient for us to know what is going on? Is it possible the world of spirit may have some answers?

This short blog has been inspired by a book I have recently been reading called The Medical Medium. The book may have its faults, and for the life of me I cannot get into the American celebrity obsession. However there are a few within the Hollywood freak show worthy of our attention, not least Jim Carrey and perhaps some of the people who have provided references. I can summarise the book as follows:

  • Conventional (and alternative) “medicine” often get things wrong, i.e. wrongly attribute an (chronic) illness to a particular cause and therefore compound the problem. Or persuade everybody their illness is a mystery, genetic, random or bad luck.
  • The public buys into self-perpetuating myths through the deification of pharmacological based health “care”, blanket advertising, political lobbying and endless, endless repetition and most of all through fear.
  • Big Pharma rigs research to perpetuate the management of illness.
  • The “answers” to the correct diagnosis of chronic illness come from 1) unbiased, thorough and the bribe-free research and 2) Spirit.
  • We are what we eat.

Of course I have known this for over 20 years. What I had bought into is that the body is capable of attacking itself, i.e. many chronic conditions are auto immune dysfunctions. The £10 this book cost me is worth a hundred times that amount for me to realise the body is incapable of attacking itself.

Hallelujah. How could I be so naive? Not only is this myth about the body attacking itself so pervasive it allows all kinds of heinous nonsense to follow in its wake. I’ll leave you to work the consequences of this paradigm.

Thank you Anthony William. I’ll close with a couple of quotes:

“Healing is one of the greatest freedoms God offers us. Healing is the law of the universe, the light, or whatever you choose to call the higher source-not the law of humans-and so it grants true justice. Untethered by statute, healing from mystery illness can exceed imagination.”

“Most of the time, there’s an actual, physical route to a chronic mystery condition; medical communities just haven’t named it yet or figured out what makes it better. In the process of healing, knowing the cause of your condition (and knowing what isn’t the cause) is half the battle. The next step is learning how to make it better.”

Jack Stewart, 22 May 2019.

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