Reality or Nothing *

dennis potter

Have you ever been to see a psychic or a medium? In other words someone who gives you insights, previously unknown, either from your “subtle bodies” or from people on “the other side”.

If your psychic/medium is any good and has integrity (which despite lamestream media claims, are probably the majority) you will hear useful and positive messages. You may also be given information that enables you to avoid possible problems you had no previous knowledge of. Sometimes you may be given information so uplifting and so seemingly improbable, i.e. way outside of your comfort zone, that you are tempted to dismiss it. Whatever you experience at the end of the session you will have some choices to make.

You may be told that you are about to get a new job, secure a contract, get well, meet your soulmate, go on a world tour, become famous for all the right reasons. The list goes on. Depending on how you receive the message you may or may not act on it. If you are told something that really resonates, something that you want to do, that you believe is possible for you the chances are you will put all your energies into achieving it. Should this happen then your psychic/medium is clearly the best there is.

If you fail to act on the message because it is too far outside of your comfort zone or partners, friends and family tell you to “get real” or worse then, surprise, surprise it won’t happen. Your psychic/medium in this case is clearly the worst there is or the whole business of the paranormal is a bag of horse excrement.

Take health for example. You contract a chronic, life-threatening illness. Your snake oil sales person tells you that in six months time you will have recovered from it. Enter stage left certain members of the medical profession, who from their socially constructed pedestals tell you to go home and put your affairs in order. Who do you believe? If your snake oil sales person suddenly becomes your most trusted adviser then you will take steps consciously and unconsciously to bring about the recovery s/he has predicted. If however the medical professional is your font of all knowledge then you are more likely to retreat and secure the services of a solicitor to (re) write your will.

For those of you who wish to expand your minds please read the works of Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. You will discover there that our internal environment (thoughts, beliefs, values) affects our DNA and how our genes are “expressed.” To cut a long story short, (indeed the title of Lipton’s first book is “The Biology of Belief.”), our health is causally linked to our beliefs. Whether we believe it or not.

To say these themes are familiar in my writing is to declare the Pope is a Catholic.

Is it possible, if we were to change our thoughts and beliefs, mostly seeing life through a loving, enlightened and optimistic lens and realise that each one of us has an ally more powerful than the sum total of every medical professional of integrity on the planet we would experience health? And yes, I am a living example, medical professionals save lives, continuously.

The ally? The doctor within. No matter what drugs we consume, what operations we may endure or what treatments we may “enjoy”, without the doctor within, i.e. the body’s natural healing ability, we would all perish.

The final piece here is to recommend the incredible work of Michael Singer. I have lost count of the number of books I have read. There was a time when probably one in five books that I read were life changing. As I get older the number of books I would say have changed my life has greatly diminished. Of course the last thing I am saying here is that I have nothing left to learn- the opposite is true- but there are other forces at play not least those that lead me in a particular direction. However I can say that The Untethered Soul is a life changing book. Read it and make peace with your mind, change your internal “environment” and fly.

The authors I have already mentioned, and notably Eckhart Tolle, have all stressed the need to live in the moment. However we cannot live in the moment if our minds are hyperactive. Whilst we all have hyperactive minds, some of us are taking steps (thank you Mr Singer) to change that. Let us close with a quote from “You Are the Placebo” by Joe Dispenza, page 96:

“We could say that as long as you perceive your life through the lens of the past and react to the conditions with the same neural architecture and from the same level of mind, you’re headed towards a very specific, predetermined genetic destiny. In addition, what you believe about yourself, your life, and the choices you make as a result of those beliefs also keep sending the same messages to the same genes…. So why not see your genes for what they really are? Providers of possibility, resources of unlimited potential, a code system of personal commands-in truth, they’re nothing short of tools for transformation, which literally means changing form.”

I am a psychotherapist, so I would say this, wouldn’t I?

Jack Stewart, 09 May 2019.

* Check out Dennis Potter.

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