Robert Green


robert green

I feel compelled to write a few paragraphs about a truly outstanding, courageous, thoroughly decent and inspirational man I had the privilege of meeting a couple of times. We live in an era when talentless, vacuous- I’ll spare you half a dozen adjectives- nobodies are elevated to a status by the mainstream and social media which beggars belief. And you will struggle to find Robert on lamestream “search” engines.

Bloggers, podcasters, “reality TV stars”, anyone who acts for a living, talent show rejects, and endless zombies claiming their 15 minutes of fame. Don’t get me started on our “leaders.” Pass the sick bag.

And yet thank God the majority of the public respect real heroes, people of significance, people who make the world a better place. It’s just many who fall into this category are ignored or marginalised or worse abused, imprisoned and occasionally murdered.

If you haven’t heard of Robert Green then it is sickening it takes his death [last week] to bring him to your attention. No blame here, none of us can ever know every unsung hero given the warped world we inhabit.

Let David Icke place him in context, let the UK Column give Robert time to present his case.

Robert lived about ¼ mile from me at one stage, in Appleton, near Warrington. Anne and I met him on the street and thanked him for his tireless efforts. I had previously listened to him at a Truth Juice talk in Llangollen, North Wales. He once had a travel agency in Anne’s home village of Lymm in Cheshire.

I don’t know what drew him to enter the fire, to give his all to helping sexual abuse victim Hollie and her mother Ann Grieg, and to take on the Scottish establishment, being imprisoned on trumped up charges for his sacrifice. Too much for those interested to find out, so I’ll close by saying Robert stood up to top level paedophilia and corruption, the depravity and evil of which defies comprehension.

But then doesn’t so much these days?

You are sadly missed Robert, heaven will be getting an angel.

Jack Stewart, April 16th 2019.

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