mobile shitFor it is true. Singer’s Untethered Soul is about letting go of the mind’s incessant chatter and its lifetime creation, the psyche, or little self. As we experience each moment, we let it pass through us, without any judgement, comparison or reference to our belief and value system. In Taoism we are the ’empty cup’, possessed with child like awe and wonder. As we allow nothing to disturb us, we have nothing to defend. We are at  peace.
Should an event or thought trigger a negative emotion, we let in essence fear to rise and be released, however painful. Our journey of life is mostly taken lightly as we notice almost all of our precious self concept unravels with humour and relief. The more, the more…We move towards who we truly are, consciousness, big Self, oneness and connectedness.

So we fixate on this little box. We create sound bites, we speak to others, we write, we share, we learn. These may have value. Or we obsess, we mindlessly watch or listen, we play stupid games, take pictures of our parts. We rack up hours and days of trivial pursuits and…the phone becomes an extension of ourselves. We build, yes, a digital self. So no longer is life a battle or dance between two ‘selves’, we seamlessly regress to a silicon-based, soulless advertising hub. But of course no advert ever influences us right?

Irony of ironies, we become connected! Social media is the ocean in which we are all individual drops. We speak our truth of the global tyranny via Facebook posts and publish on line personal tragedies and insights into our dietary requirements. I was going to write ‘choices’ but the phone offered up requirements so…
And where is the bullshit the title promised? You may say all of this is, but you will miss Michael Singer’s wisdom from the first paragraph.

So, thank you George, bullshit is wisdom, blogs are sacred text and the herd will lead you to the promised land.

Content creation at its finest. I’ll look up what this means.

So there we have it. Bullshit to close.

Jack, feeling less reflective…

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