aegina12Some thoughts about travelling to Athens airport on the bus on 29/2/2019.

One day the irony of using the phone to write this will dawn on me but not today. James Gilliland reckons 70% of “jobs” in the world are underpinned by deceit, exploitation or are just plain unnecessary. Yep. Coming here on the bus, around 20 travellers, every single one of them, were hypnotised by their phones. What was going on around them, inside or outside was an irrelevance. The airport is in the process of expansion. Apart from more terminals and access/egress points, it translates into perfume and “fashion”, expensive “fast” (shit) food and coffee, and other assorted space wasters. Using the Gilliland template, I’d stay with 70%. This is modern”life”.

We are, it is written, ascending. A “quickening”, a move to higher ground. The total and utter bollocks of phone dominated slavery, living inside a 6″ electronic box, not having any awareness of the outside world appears to be putting a brake on that. And it is reflected on the four or three stock facial expressions, of females, the dominant targets of the divine feminine resistance. Those running the planet and their cloned, closed and cretinous army. Because consciousness is now locked into Samsapple, middle distance gazers have no idea where they are physically. Cue more eye contact aversion, aggression or total obliviousness. Life is about “hanging out” wtf does that mean? Perhaps identity politics may herald a new dawn of body parts hanging out as the hangers self-identify as imbeciles.

Well, this is not my life. I didn’t sign up for this (in) continent of incomprehensible nonsense. Whither nature, history, architecture, finesse, glorious vistas, struggles of our ancestors to free us from servitude. Spirit. 100% alcohol.

Beam me up and out Scotty, let me be born again, away from the prison with and without bars.


I forgot to add what all intelligent flyers dread: them. The ones who sit in the wrong seats, hold the rest of the plane up with arse blocking the isle as they load the overhead locker, the loud, monotonous voiced boors, and just about anyone who isn’t you…Ah bliss, despite all our best efforts we have all been one of them at least once. Maybe more…Still, frequent flying has no causal link to ascending. Celestial speedy boarding would command a premium. Maybe. Duty and conscience free.

Love as always, Jack back in the UK.

Check out James Gilliland’s The Ultimate Soul Journey.

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