Who needs another healing modality?


Limeni twilight YOU HAVE CHOICE. We live in a world where information and “facts” are the tools of freedom and awakening or conversely the Orwellian equivalent which we know only too well. In the USA, where health statistics are much more easily accessible the top two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer. If you do a conventional search you will find “accidents” at number three in several lists of the top 10 or 20 causes of death.  

However if you go a bit deeper you will find some describe iatrogenic deaths as the third leading cause. The article from which the quote below is taken suggests this applies not only to the USA but the UK as well.

Definition of an “iatrogenic” disorder: A disorder inadvertently induced by a health caregiver because of a surgical, medical, drug or vaccine treatment or by a diagnostic procedure.

You can stay out of the mainstream/truth media debate and still realise we are in the midst of a chronic illness epidemic. And, despite the propaganda, is it getting any better?

For the more determined truth seeker you will find dozens (hundreds if you are feeling up to it) of suppressed cures for cancer and the appalling treatment their originators have been subjected to. The good news is that there are so many “cures” and more being discovered daily that attempts to eliminate all of them cannot succeed. If history is an account given by the victors in wars, then “facts” about health is an account mostly provided by drugs companies.

Now, again if you wish, with “early detection” (how can this not be a good thing?), chemotherapy, surgery and radiation you may well survive cancer. Many do of course, even if lifestyle, attitude to the treatment, personal resilience, medical history [e.g. operations, drug “regimes”), motivation, support networks, reasons for living, environment are all factored out.

And the human body? A complex “arrangement” of parts which together form a functioning whole? Maybe.

I’m sure some of you know that DNA is not fixed, it can be influenced by words and emotions, cells have memories, “mind” is not stored in the brain, organs and the body itself have energy fields, which can be measured, sometimes felt and seen, that the acidity/alkalinity of the body (pH) has a huge bearing on health, as does the voltage of organs. If you have been to an acupuncturist or kinesiologist then you have appreciated the flow of energies around the body (meridians).

Going further, the major energy centres, i.e. chakras have links to various body systems e.g. endocrine, and organs too.

Deeper again, research will tell you the electromagnetic spectrum, the “home” of our five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) restricts us to accessing an incredibly small section of what exists in the known universe.

Have you heard about ”subtle energies”? So far mainstream science either knows about them and has kept quiet, or is ignorant of them.

We can’t make any kind of progress without acknowledging the debate of what happens when we die. If the body is a soulless machine, what animates it? How can heart/organ transplant patients explain the acquisition of new tastes, preferences and memories following the arrival of a new organ? What accounts for children articulating vivid recollections of life through the eyes of long gone/never met grandparents?

Is the “paranormal” a total hoax and fabrication?

And so you might agree:

Thoughts don’t come from “within”; neither do they come from “without.” They emerge “between.

Bayo Akomolafe

Or you may not…

Does science ever stand still? Is Newtonian physics obsolete? Are medical specialisms, acute and trauma medicine, calibration/measurement of the body’s vital functions (blood pressure, temperature, red blood cell count for example), scans, thermography, certain operations, and burns treatment pointless? The question requires no answer. I personally have benefited (am still here!) from many of these, as have family and friends.

Cui bono, who benefits? To return, yet again to the b******g obvious. What would happen to the global drug companies if a cost-effective “cure” for many chronic illnesses was found? And what has happened historically to smaller companies when one has?

Life is a bitch then you die, the body is a machine, this world is all there is. From this flows a series of creations and actions.

If we are souls temporarily inhabiting a biological computer, having many incarnations, living in a multi-faceted universe on one of an infinite number of planets which support life, then maybe we approach health and healing in a different way. From my perspective as a truth seeker, the world of spirit informs everything we do.

Make friends with spirit, find your life purpose, and connect to a higher power.

From my point of view as a psychotherapist, our thoughts and emotions, along with our socialisation and experiences (which create our beliefs), and how we have responded to the most traumatic of them, determines our health.

Let go of childhood (any) traumas, forgive people, forgive yourself, release toxic emotions and past relationships, monitor and guard your thoughts; stop the wrong ones from creating your reality. Ignore all these at your peril.

As a researcher, and one who has watched first hand chronic illness sufferers improve by the ingestion of organic, non-toxic, immune-system boosting, alkaline creating, sugar denying, inflammation busting substances, I know, yes know, we are what we eat.

If we are energy beings, which we are, electro-magnetic fields, GMO’s, poisons in the sky, chlorinated and fluoridated water, over-synthesized chemicals and processed foods all affect us. In many, increasingly most (cancer statistics anyone?) cases they can kill us. But hey, don’t go there, the industries responsible and their governments tell us they’re safe.

Eat, drink and use proven foods and products which are in harmony with your body. Yes, unbiased research will confirm where to find them. Stop putting stuff on your skin which will harm you when absorbed. Visit web sites, read books, listen to speakers which and who give you hope, use your judgement and intuition in deciding who to trust. If you are in pain, suffering, go and get checked out. However, be prepared to let go of the chains which bind you to the worst kind of prognosis. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DIE.

Yes, there is a veritable army (perhaps the wrong metaphor) of helpers, researchers, scientists, therapists, doctors & nurses, practitioners and healers waiting to walk with you on your path, especially if it has taken a worrying turn. DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? *

And, after you have taken this path?

Remember the old cliché, the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. You may have to deal with resistance from family and friends, too inured in the old “paradigm” of life being a derogatory female term and conventional medicine is all there is. But as much as you love them, it’s your life, not theirs. They are affected by your decisions, obviously, but only you can walk in your shoes, or more pointedly, live in your body this time around.  

Whether you like it or not, accept it or not, we live in an era when neglecting your health, ignoring the “doctor within” can be disabling, if not fatal. Still unconvinced? Watch this bloke. And if he’s too extreme, try this one, a former G.P./Family Practitioner.

You need to maintain your health, and be eternally vigilant. If the conventional path works for you, stay on it.

If you want to help others-after healing yourself, because the half-dead healer has no credibility or power-then remember YOU ARE THE NEW HEALING MODALITY. And a caveat:

Anything can be healed, not everyone can be healed. Make sure you do all within your power to be one of the ones who can. You might be surprised.

Jack Stewart, 21 March 2019.

* Stupid question eh? Think about it very carefully…

In the summer of this year, Healing the Spirit will be putting on talks and workshops about this vital concept and practices. For a very small (relatively of course, putting on these events is not cost-free) outlay, you can learn basic healing, no strings attached. Go here.

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