Towards or away, will we ever get there?

treesA long time ago I studied motivation theory. One of the leaders in the field, Frederick Herzberg was known to have a horseshoe (for bringing luck and good fortune) nailed on the door frame of his office. When asked about this apparently superstitious practice, bearing in mind Herzberg was renowned for his scientific rigour, his comment was: “It works whether you believe it or not.”

Some of us in the truth activism community are perceived as no different from old Testament Bible-bashers carrying “The end is nigh” placards. The antidote to our doom and gloom is to love everything and everybody. Maybe.

The amazing wisdom channelled from (Princess) Diana by my late wife Anne contained many profound quotes. One of my favourites features prominently on this web site: “It isn’t just about loving each other and changing the world; it is loving everything to change the world”.

So that’s it. Our prime directive.

Motivation theory can be both simple and complex. Though I can do complex I much prefer simple. How about this, we are motivated towards rewards and success or away from pain and failure. Nothing in this world explains everything, but if you study human behaviour, not least your own, you will realise the substantial truth in this statement.

(Surprisingly?) I consider myself to have a strong towards motivation. A quick run through my blog posts and stuff I inflict upon Facebook would suggest the opposite, as it is mostly about the perils of 5G, GMO’s, Chemtrail’s, EMF’s, Artificial Intelligence, Big Food/Pharma/Energy and the global warming scam to name just a few.

There is a brilliant, powerful and extremely effective process in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) called pace and lead. To successfully influence a person and help them change from a distressed, angry or negative state, “pacing” is becoming- briefly- as they are. In other words if someone is angry, become angry yourself, be at the same “pace” as they are. Then “lead” them towards the desired (calm, peaceful) state by your own words and behaviour. As with all NLP techniques this can be used to manipulate or to liberate.

I like to think this is how I approach almost all of my communication. Whilst many may disagree with some of the sentiments in this post I wonder how many of you would disagree that the mainstream media output is wall-to-wall fear with trivia and nonsense closely on its heels. At times trivia and nonsense can be funny, but the primary motivation of the mainstream is distraction not entertainment.

As a psychotherapist I have spent over 20 years helping people let go of limiting beliefs, especially those which relate to mental and physical health. The pervasiveness and depth of negative programming about our health and how our body works never ceases to surprise me. I have read enough, experienced enough and seen enough to know the transformational power of changing beliefs. The counter argument to the power of beliefs- check out the placebo effect– is “realism”, “practicality” and “evidence.” However taken to the opposite extreme, over reliance on the power of beliefs in this incarnation can be very dangerous. Whilst I know they exist, few people have the motivation, the discipline and sometimes the iron will to maintain an empowering belief in the face of life-threatening adversity. And I’m not sure I’m one of them.

There are so many wonderful life affirming and transforming researchers and writers that lead us towards “loving everything” and long may they continue and their numbers increase. There have been times in my life when people close to me (and me too) have literally changed the weather, stopped turbulence on flights and reversed time. It took considerable input of faith and training to get to that place. I can occasionally return there, but struggle with it at times.

Those of you who are familiar with “life in spirit” know-pause for a challenge, how could we ever know?-that the spirit world is a place of instant manifestation, the absence of disease and the optimum appearance of everyone. Again I don’t think we can describe life down here in those terms. But if we think about the most extreme cynics “down here” who believe in nothing, “life is a bitch then you die”, and reject anything which cannot be seen or measured then we are light-years away from working towards paradise on earth.

Is it possible therefore to have things happen around us in an unambiguously positive way even if we don’t believe it? Do we always have to believe in miracles for them to happen? The answer is obvious, we all know, we have all read about those cynics and sceptics who have miraculously recovered from “terminal” illness or experienced massive financial good fortune. So Herzberg was right all along.

Going further, I would suggest, invoking the law of attraction and quantum physics, that the more we believe, the greater our faith, the more miracles we will experience in this lifetime.

Or we can continue to hold on to mainstream created dogma and have our life mirrored by that dogma.

As above, so below.

There are “external”, “divine” forces that are changing not only the way we think but who we are. For all but the most stubborn and regressive these forces are helping humanity rise out from the abyss. What would the world be like if the majority on this planet did “love everything” sincerely and consistently? What would happen to the lies, manipulation, distortions, deceit and at times pure evil? Maybe they would become as rare as rocking horse crap; our norms would indeed be truth and love. Would there be the inverse of truth activism in the form of “lie/fear activism” and would it be a growing force in this unfamiliar world?

Diana, the Queen of hearts, in her channelled messages emphasised the need to wake people up just as much as loving everything. She knew that we mostly live in a world of away motivation and exploiting this is a valid tool in our inexorable path towards paradise.

Enjoy your day. Because you can.

Much love, Jack Stewart, Sunday, 17 March 2019.

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