How Many Sides Has The Sideshow?


We were watching a rather good French crime drama a couple of nights ago and the thoughts flooded my mind that what was being portrayed-“top” politicians at work- was a sideshow.

The telling scenes were the “corridors of power” populated by time-serving politicians and lickspittles. Everybody was “busy”. And if you are very important and busy it is almost impossible for others to breach the wall you surround yourself with. The wall is constructed out of sycophants, mobile phones, hyperactive secretaries and “communication.”

This warp-speed scenario has been betrayed in so many films and TV dramas (and of course it has been often satirised) that it is deeply mired in the public (sub) conscious. So deep in fact that few even question the validity, relevance and usefulness to society of this charade.

If you are busy, you are in demand. Not for you to pause and smell the roses. How can there ever be a problem with busy people working hard? But there is a difference between being busy and working hard. I should imagine most people reading this work hard or have worked hard given the opportunity. Busyness at worst is a blind act. Your mind, and indirectly your body are in overdrive. There are no roses in a busy world. The busy person interrupts any activity to answer the phone, whether at work or elsewhere. Assuming of course they’re doing something else besides talk on the phone. A big assumption.

The busy person has no time for anyone who isn’t instrumental in stoking the “busy” furnace. The busy person cannot switch off, or at least cannot allow his or herself to be seen doing so.

I think I’ve made my point. So when important people are busy an army of gatekeepers is employed to build the wall even higher.

Readers of this blog will know that this affliction rarely extends to the puppet masters. Again in the popular visual media, the “Mr Big” (it’s always a bloke) sits back having given his commands and lets the mayhem unfold. And ironically how often have you watched lowlife criminals commit the crime with an accompanying adrenaline rush and then retire to divide up the proceeds followed by relative inactivity. Busyness does not apply to all human endeavour.

So to close, where is this busyness in politics and industry take us? In politics however you vote, the government always gets in. Unbridled capitalism devastates the planet, keeps the slaves fighting the slaves and is one of the primary drivers of the war machine. In other words puts us all on the road to hell.

When you forget there are flowers in the world, beauty all around you and you have no time to spare other than shouting down your phone, barking out orders, being a habitual liar (busyness has its hidden downside) then you might as well write off this incarnation and prepare after some reflection for the next one.

Love is an infinite “commodity”, yet it cannot be expressed when busy and the more important you think you are the greater is your estrangement from what life is all about.

I love you all, even if you are too busy to recognise it.

Jack Stewart, December 2, 2018.

And it seems this view is shared...

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