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The Fields We Leave Behind

Every soul that walks or has walked this planet leaves a field behind; a field of consciousness, actions (karma), impact and so on. The quality and vastness of that field varies, but it is there, will always be there, and depending on its quality and strength, which is determined by the consciousness behind it, it will serve as a source to tap into for souls here in the present.

‘Important’ persons – whomever that is – seem to leave a vaster field more or less adequate with their importance. Self-important persons actually feel they do the same. Maybe not.

We have the collective fields, which we see as important and rightfully so.

Mozart left a field of creativity, so did Einstein.
Good people leave a field of love.
Despots leave a field of evil.

The field is there and many of these fields are still being revitalized by followers of good or evil, or by mainstream media that see an agenda in keeping the field alive. If it comes to war and mass murder, the media will just love to tell us how horrible WW1 and WW2 were, and here they are pushing for WW3. It only makes sense if they are bought and paid for by the fear and war mongers, aka: The Industrial Military Complex.

This world is strange and not in a sweet way.
If it were a person it would have a split personality disorder. Most of us know that.

What I like to focus on is our (us ordinary folks) fields.

I was talking to a man the other day who had been given an estimated sentence of how much time he had left on the planet due to severe cancer. He was told 6-12 months. I´m not sure that the estimate is correct – it depends on the belief in the cancer and the medical staff who did the prognosis. We are so very geared to live up to expectations especially from authorities. What was of course devastating to him was to leave his wife and three daughters behind. I felt so, so sorry for him.

I said to him: “The only thing that you leave is your body.” This is where our belief system comes to the ultimate test. No New Age clichés, no religious clichés (never serve that fastfood to people in despair)– ‘just’ the fact that we know our consciousness shifts place and enters the Spirit World.

We know that our consciousness shapes and architects our life here in the mundane. We construct our own reality, and if we don’t somebody will be keen on doing that for us. So hold on to your soul, Pilgrim.

Little do we know that it also shapes our afterlife.

I told him, “You will still be here among your beloved – because they will plug into the field of you. Your soul will be the gentle wind that caresses them as they fall asleep. The field of your love will protect them as they move forth in this world and the love and care you gave them will serve as a beacon in times of despair.” That eased his pain and we left the conversation on a higher note.

Later when I went to bed that evening, I had this phrase in my mind: ‘In my cold shallow grave’

What! There is no such thing as a cold shallow grave. Have people seriously plugged into that stuff? Do some really think that their consciousness is buried with them? What a bloody nightmare. What a bloody lie!

The stuff that the ghoulish horror entertainment industry spends a fortune on.
The stuff that keeps people in the shackles of organized religion, with a very clever disclaimer to exit the cold and shallow grave: If you do what we say, you will rise to whatever we tell you is heaven and here judgment will be passed.

We are not fearful ‘judgment fearing’ beings – no more.

We are self empowered spiritual beings juggling round in 3D life trying to be human(e).
But will the shallow gravediggers of the powers that be allow us that?

They build monuments and memorials for themselves and put high-rise hotels on ordinary folks earthly remains. They build that stuff out of vanity and to empower their wicked fields, and now they are canonizing Bush Senior who just took up a place in hell next to his Boss. Politicians ‘fielding’ politicians.

Nourish the loving field of a kind grandmother, a loving father, a loving wife, somebody who was nice to you. Honor it by taking the best from it and leave the rest.

Nobody rests in a cold shallow grave. Nobody has really left.

Everybody is alive and vibrant whether we can touch them or not.

All is based of fear of death. There is no such thing.

Rise Lazarus Rise.

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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