And what will you do now my blue-eyed son? And what will you do now my darling young one? *

phone sleep

Soon, according to a recent Daily Mail Australia article, you will be able to drive into and through your “smart” (my description) supermarket. You will not need to get out of your car. Shop by selecting and taking goods, all at the most convenient height, through your car window. Well, you lazy bastards, having to reach down to remove your wallet to pay is a gross inconvenience, so aren’t you glad you had that microchip fitted?

This fabulous supermarket is for people “on the go.” I would be lying if I did not admit there were times in my life I was “on the go.” And far too often. However having seen the light, should I condone this insanity, simply because I indulged in it? I have just got rid of my smart phone. The same logic applies.

Anyone above ground knows the world is going to hell in a hand cart. No, that doesn’t mean everything is doom and gloom, negativity rules, and why bother getting out from under the duvet every morning? It means we should wake up to what is going on around us. An endless number of credible visionaries and avatars predicted the polarisation of two forces in the world at this time. Prison or Paradise? The old system is falling apart. It has now become a hate crime merely to criticise immigration in Europe. Yes you read that correctly. The EU grey suits want to hack into your brain. Migration is a good thing and if you disagree you will be punished. I’ve said enough about the ludicrous way language is being used to control the way we think. And if you don’t know what “virtue signalling” is, I suggest you very quickly find out.

How quickly do you want to go my darling young one? Surely your current download speeds are inadequate for your “lifestyle”? Upgrade. Isn’t eating becoming a chore? Fast-food isn’t nearly fast enough. (I thought I might be exaggerating here, but no, 24 hours later comes this) Having the attention span of a goldfish is career limiting. I have no idea what the attention span of an amoeba is, but that is surely something to aspire to as life speeds up all around us. A shorter attention span means you can move quicker, get more done. Less time to needlessly absorb, reflect and make sense of it all. Who in God’s name wants to do that? Just do it. Living in your Internet of things pod. Letting your wearable device select the most appropriate microchip for you. F*** decisions. Who has time for that? Let technology make life easier.

It is pretty painful to experience the death of the old system is it not? Well how about investing in a permanent virtual reality? Surely being able to sleep and wake up when you want to, delete wasteful emotions like sadness, grief, depression when you want and plug in to a designer world of artificial abundance makes you crave for that upgraded chip.

I’m not sure what the post-Snowflake era will look like. When language and self-expression has been so sanitised that no one is ever offended again, life will be immeasurably better. But unless we ban sport, risk-taking, walking, catching colds, in fact life as we have always known it, the control of wasteful emotions is surely the next step. However it would all work so much better after we have been suitably closed down.

lies truthSome of you who have persisted to this point may be feeling rather depressed. Unfortunately the world I have described is manifest. It has yet to reach the point of no return and to afflict every single citizen, but we are heading towards it at breakneck speed. So, as always, what can we do?

You have heard it all before, but none of this diminishes the truth.

Do your research, stay awake, ask who benefits?, avoid the trap of hating others, especially when being told you are racist/sexist/homophobic/anything that divides us, love yourself, be grateful for this life, bless others, enjoy nature. Forgive me for insulting your intelligence, the answers are staring us in the face.

Yes my blue-eyed son, Paradise awaits us. It always did and it always will. Can we see through the veil in enough numbers for it to be realised?

light road

Of course we can. There is no alternative.

Life is beautiful. Lazy bastards don’t read this.

Jack Stewart, Friday, 30 November 2018.

The title of this post is taken from the chorus of Bob Dylan’s 1962 “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”, reputedly written about a possible nuclear fallout.

And the tyranny continues….

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