Father forgive them, for too few know what they do.


Blessed are the unconscious, for their smart meter EMF’s.

Blessed are the ignorant, for nano-particles in the sky.

Blessed are the self-obsessed, for needing the latest gadget.

Blessed are the stupid, for texting in traffic.

Blessed are the dumbed-down for taking the micro-chip.

Blessed are the energy-drinkers for eating synthetic meat.

Blessed are the war gamers, for their virtual drone carnage.

Blessed are the hypnotised, for the X-death of music.

Blessed are the sleepers, will they ever wake up?

Blessed are the drug-impaired, Big Pharma has your back.

Blessed are the gullible, for swallowing all the lies.

Blessed are the rubber-neckers, for keeping the motorways static.

Blessed are those of blind eye, for condemning the next generation.

Blessed are those who want to leave, for seeing through the bullshit.

Blessed are the conscious, for their unsung and tireless dedication.

Blessed are those who love the world, for paradise is near.

Blessed are you dear reader, for your voice it’s time to hear…


Jack Stewart, 25 November 2018.

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