The Unique Mr Plunkett.

Gary Plunkett and the Union Gap. I’m sure Gary got fed up of that in his lifetime. Gary, lover of cake, connoisseur of beer, consumer of less than healthy food. After his business went down a lot of soul-searching followed. Whilst family connections were significant and I know whilst there was much to value in his native Sunderland, a true loving relationship somehow passed him by.

Like so many people Gary did a lot of “clearing” in the months prior to his passing. Letting go of past life, ancestral cellular memory and this life issues that no longer served him.

I remember with pride and affection his spiritual evenings in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. He attracted to him light workers, truth activists, well known and unknown speakers and authors.

He ran workshops which changed people’s lives. He healed people, he helped people turn their businesses around. He made people laugh. His positive take on life, set against the background of what is really going on which he was quick to acknowledge, lifted all of us.

Gary was first to admit that he had an edge to him which not everyone appreciated.

Coming from a poor background, he rose above it. He had the intelligence, talent and ability to go as far as he wanted. But you can only go so far, in terms of “success” in this particular incarnation without compromising yourself to the system he and millions of others want to see collapse.

I saw and see so much of myself in him. We had a massive amount in common. We both went about our lives helping others in a direct way-his priority-trying to wake people up and pointing out the pitfalls of swallowing all the mainstream distortions.

Much more was to come from Gary Plunkett. Much more was to come from Anne Stewart. And yes I can place him in this company, much more was to come from Diana Spencer.

In the final analysis, Gary’s penchant for cake and beer, his continued absence from the gym, and his liking of the odd cigar didn’t matter. I know what did matter and if those of you reading this want to benefit in a small way from Gary’s passing it is to let go of everything that no longer serves you. And every one of you knows what that is.

The beauty of it all, this life, is that forgiveness, letting go of toxic memories, serving humanity and brightening up people’s lives still is missing that secret formula we all crave. There is no one, quite literally no one, who could have predicted what changes Gary should have made to his life and when that would have added another 20 years.

But as a species we look for meaning. What can we learn from Gary’s “premature” passing? Well he has reinforced my conviction that we do as much as we can, we all remain as curious as a two-year-old, we are open to new information, new ideas, and we live this life in preparation for our next life, which need not (and I recommend you research this) be back here on the earth plane.

There is so much that can be taken from Gary’s “footprint” that writing two hours after learning about his return to Source cannot process.

However, I had to write this because of how much he meant to me. I’ll close, resisting the temptation to join you mate with cake and beer, but to remind you of a seemingly trivial act of some months ago.

No bloke has ever sent me flowers. But you did and probably no bloke will ever do it again. Now the emotion is kicking in. And until we master the process of “seeing through the veil” which divides the earth plane from spirit, flowers will always expire and fade.

Your soul is eternal, enjoy your new adventure Gary.

Jack Stewart April 8th , 2018.

PS I know Gary has had better pictures taken of him, but this one above was taken at our wedding reception exactly one year ago. It seems appropriate.

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