The Government failed to act. 

ritalinThe Government failed to act.

Trump misspoke.

Labour is five points ahead.

All the greatest hits.

Louis Walsh might be replaced.

A hosepipe ban.

The Tories are five points behind.

Trump absolves Russia from blame.

All day long.

Dominic what’s-his-name was spotted in Malvern five years ago.

Wrap a hairband around your bog roll.

Makes your life easier.

APR only 1299%. Terms and conditions apply.

Get your SPF 50. The sun burns.

Theresa May is at Chequers.

Discreet hair removal.

A robust regulatory regime is in place.

Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

Women are the same as men.

Twitter has exploded. So has someone’s arse.

Reality TV star eats burger.

House prices continue to rise.

These cows can be temperamental.

Facebook takes your privacy; seriously.

See all the goals when we come back after the break.

For entertainment purposes only.

Faster download speeds.

The Government failed to act.


Because you’re worth it.

Just do it.

I’m lovin’ it ©.

Cliff Richard is innocent.

It’s the Russians.

Grin and bear it, after all, its only for life.

FK News, July 18th, 2018.

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