Somewhere to run, nowhere to Hyde 

People can be “charged” with an “offence” if their actions are within the law but their “reasons for doing it” are perceived as illegal hate by others, London police have said, before withdrawing the claim.                                           [, 20/3/2018]

In the good old days those of us who thought we were “ahead of the game” could point out what was going on in the world to those who would listen and sit back knowing we wouldn’t have to go through the same shit. In other words, after giving up trying to rescue the ignorant and wilfully stupid from aspartame, HCFS, E numbers, mobile phones pressed against the side of the head, pesticide-ridden foods, chlorinated and fluoridated water, SSRI’s, all kinds of prescription drugs, unnecessary operations, perception-distorting TV lies, rampant paedophilia at the “top” of society, Orwellian newspeak from the media and many more potentially depressing aspects of life in in this world, the best of all possible worlds.

However, Chemtrails were a game changer. They affected everybody; you couldn’t mock others for breathing contaminated air in, as you were doing the same. It is also very difficult these days to eat organic everything. Many things we, God’s chosen people, consume are non-organic. Unfortunately birds and insects have yet to get round to teaching themselves about the dangers of GMO’s, so GMO crops end up being spread across the planet.

We have 3G, 4G and very soon 5G. The 5G frequencies will fry our brains [see below]. Short of going over to the dark side, becoming an MP or living in a Wi-Fi soup-free wilderness, it’s something else we are stuck with.

If you don’t believe Putin was personally responsible for the nerve gas incident in Salisbury, as G.W. Bush once famously implied, you are clearly on the side of terrorism. You are “an appeaser” if you don’t dispense with the facts. In many countries and states around the world unless you have your child’s emerging and developing immune system destroyed through vaccinations you can be prosecuted. If you criticise Zionism or side with the Palestinians you are anti-Semitic.

As with all things in this insane world, this torrent of phenomena can push some people to wake up and others, especially those in authority, to tighten the screw.

Any worthwhile spiritual textbook will tell you that it is necessary to look under the stone that has hidden these appalling truths and beliefs for so long. Whilst life was indeed simpler in the 50’s and 60’s the likes of Savile and his ilk were plying their trade. Food, water and air were cleaner, there was less need for overt thought manipulation through the media and Big Pharma had yet to call all the shots. However whichever way you voted, the government still got in.

We need to wake up. Shock horror. We need help from non-terrestrial’s and the world of spirit. We need to protect our health, remain eternally vigilant and resist the waking dead’s attempts to coerce us to join them on Titanic’s next voyage. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to enjoy life, smother ourselves with Factor 96, drink gallons of Diet Coke, eat chlorinated and hormonal “meat”, fry what’s left of our brains with 5G and watch X Factor/BGT/the Voice on a permanent 24-hour, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year loop.

And when things do go a little bit wrong just trust in us, we will be there. Because they don’t ‘go wrong’, they just show you another way. [In the Stillness, Everything Happens]

Thank you Diana. Hope springs eternal!

Jack Stewart, March 21st 2018.

PS, in case you were unsuitably appalled, I no more see myself as one of God’s chosen few than anyone. And, unless this is a thought crime, those who do should be resisted.

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