Life is a bitch and then you die…

A number of things have come together recently to direct me towards exploring the influences on our lives, how these affect our health and ultimately when and how we move on to the next adventure.

I came up with a list this morning and categorised it (as is the norm) in terms of spiritual, emotional/mental and physical influences. As there are over 50 this will not be a two-minute sound bite so each category will be taken in turn.

One of the more obvious influences on our emotional/mental lives is how open we are to new ideas and challenges to our belief system. So if you’re not willing to entertain past lives, life on other planets, different dimensions and a purposeful universe I suggest this is not for you.

Our souls inhabit different bodies. We are not this “spacesuit”. Of course the spacesuit has a massive bearing on how we progress through this life, and interact with others but it does not nor should not define us. Unfortunately we live in an age of identity politics where everything has the potential to define us.

So past lives influence this one. Many spiritual authors believe we are part of a soul group and take on different identities in each incarnation depending on what we agree with and how we relate to our soul group. Deciding our next incarnation will include the timing and therefore planetary influences on our birth, i.e. astrology. I personally cannot accept that when we are in spirit we become somehow saintly. There are souls in the “lower astral” who will certainly manifest as sinners (this word has been hijacked by organised religion; it originally meant being in error or missing the mark). But it doesn’t take a genius to work out there are many people living now who appear to have learned nothing from successive incarnations.

To save yourself from unnecessary reincarnations and a few more lifetimes spent in the dark you might want to study the teachings of the Gnostics and the role of the one true God and the Demiurge.

Returning to earth, it seems we have free will. How “free” is free? Free of any kind of influence, free of pre-incarnation decisions or agreements and free from what is stored in our subconscious? I’m going to talk more about the subconscious in the next blog post.

How much of an influence might a late parent be? They are a massive influence when we’re growing up, but how much of an influence are they from the spirit world? And are there other people in spirit who have an even greater influence?

I regularly attend a spiritual development circle. When it was conducted by the previous leader he used to talk lovingly about his “spirit team.” There appeared to be so many members I had an image of some kind of virtual terracotta army. My spirit team was my late wife Anne and the odd person who seemed to just pop up! I have now realised the error of my ways. My spirit team consists of those who wish to be known to me, but significantly I have to acknowledge them. Openness and curiosity. And each member of the spirit team will have strengths and skills in different areas. For example I have at least two healing guides and other guides who help me with emotional maturity and strength. No doubt there is a guide for every valued attribute. I have found this an incredible personal realisation.

So down here we “exercise” our free will, influenced by spirit and our pre-incarnation choices, consciously influenced by our socialisation and unconsciously influenced by too much to mention. Then we have a combination of knowledge and ignorance about the physical influences on our lives. For example how much do you know about BPA in plastics?

My passion in this incarnation is to help people wake up. To become aware of the lies we have all been fed since birth (and before), and to reject the biggest and most debilitating lie of all, that we are powerless, insignificant and “useless eaters.” It is my conviction that as we realise our potential, we step into our birth right of love, compassion, creativity and wisdom. As we do this, with “help” from spirit, this planet will be transformed. This timeless truth has been articulated by so many spiritual avatars and “ordinary people” for millennia.

It is now time for us as a species to let go of our spiritual, emotional/mental and physical chains. These blog posts may help.

Jack Stewart, May 24th 2018.

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