John McCain is dead; long live McCains.

chipsThrough my eyes, John McCain is/was a warmongering psychopath. I have formed this opinion over many years from information gleaned from truth activism. It can be substantiated by his voting record and his utterances.

I don’t use Facebook much these days for reasons not dissimilar to taking against McCain. However this morning I found one of my “friends” having a go at Trump and calling McCain a patriot. Trump? I can’t be bothered. So we have two diametrically opposed opinions. Of course I believe I’m right otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

No doubt anyone reading this piece will have found themselves at odds with friends and family members-and God forbid Facebook “friends”-about a whole range of issues. Many reading this will also know that being “right” is not the best recipe for getting along in the world. We all know of times when we are right and the person close to it us “wrong” but the least diplomatic and most insensitive thing to do is to assert our position. We let it go.

Any insomniac who bothers to look at my Facebook posts over time will conclude the vast majority falling to the truth activism camp, i.e. they could not be construed as light-hearted, optimistic and hilarious. Anyone who knows me will tell you I do have a finely tuned and-false modesty aside- decent sense of humour. I’m not sure how much of this is an age thing, but I do find myself reflecting more and more these days on my thoughts and words. Would the world change quicker if we all loved ourselves and loved our enemies as opposed to continuously pointing out what “they” are up to? Is it really a case of turning the other cheek or trying to educate the person who intends to harm us?

Yes dear reader, I am driven and have been all my life with a burning desire to change this world. There’s no point in offering a description, again, of what the world is truly like. I do admire people like the late Dr Wayne Dyer, who spent most of his life pursuing a spiritual solution to the world’s ills. And many others like him, Guy Finley, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Neale Donald Walsh, Carolyn Myss, Barbara Hand Clow, Grace Cooke and dozens of others. Maybe it’s a male thing, maybe it’s just the role of the dice, but I lean more heavily towards those who expose the lies, corruption and deceit of this “reality” in terms of my attention and hence output. I suspect most people reading this know who they are.

And yes, often I find myself sending love to the warmongers, the reptiles, the psychopaths and the system servers. There is one thing that currently approaches the word hate in my perfect world-I truly do not hate anyone-probably because it is so dishonest, hypocritical and for those with eyes to see transparent it winds me up no end. It is the tirade against anyone who dares to stand up to the state of Israel and its tyrannical “rulers”. Anyone who uses the word Zionist (step forward Jeremy Corbyn for example) is accused of being anti-Semitic. This tactic is no different than calling all Germans Nazis.

So as we are all one, having a violent disagreement with my Facebook friend over John McCain is ludicrous. To differentiate people on the basis of the colour of this “biological spacesuit” is equally insane. A moment’s reflection reveals that identity politics is a tactic to further divide and rule us all.

An open mind, an open heart and even an open mouth which spews out any ignorant and ill-informed nonsense. When people we disagree with can no longer express an opinion, we ourselves, all of us, will be denied the same opportunity.

Jack Stewart, August 27, 2018.

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