Hacking the soul.

fireWhen do we get  to a point where we are no longer human? A question posed at the end of the must watch video (see link below) which covers the intended technological takeover of the planet.

The darling of some less enlightened “progress” addicts, Elon Musk, wants us to “merge” with artificial intelligence.

I suppose the problem is the vast majority of people are totally sold on technology. After all you are reading this because of the Internet, computers and possibly your mobile phone. We know all about over consumption of blue screens. Your car is getting to the point where silicon chips are as important as brake pads. less enlightened “progress” addicts, Elon Musk, wants us to “merge” with artificial intelligence.

Isn’t life easier now that e-mails have replaced tedious letter writing? Voice dictation has replaced typing? TV remotes save you getting off your arse? Satellite navigation ensures your own navigation skills are unnecessary and redundant? Surely these Godsends have given you so much more time to….

Text your friends about f*** all? Photograph your dinner with your mobile phone? Prove you are so cool on Facebook? Share “conversations” about the true meaning of life and existence?

A recent book (oh dear, books are so passé) I have been reading about the late, great, Arthur Conan Doyle (the Sherlock Holmes author for those who have never heard of him). Conan Doyle was speaking through a medium-no not Google or Alexia-about how life is full of trivialities. We are drowning in an ocean of trivia. I could go on but I would only be adding to that ocean. Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930.

David Icke coined the term problem–reaction–solution. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be have an agenda. That agenda is served by their “solutions”. So they create a problem, the sheeple react, demand “something should be done”, and hey presto it is. The (final?) solution.

The video you will watch describes the Western epidemic of insomnia. Sleeping pills don’t work. Electromagnetic fields and technology are a major contributor to this epidemic, but no one ever talks about them and both are so diffuse in 2018 who is responsible? Other things that contribute to insomnia also contribute to the explosion of chronic physical and mental illness. However the world in which we now live pays no attention to what causes these illnesses. The whole focus is on symptom alleviation. Most people would have no idea of what cancer rates were 50 years ago compared to cancer rates now.

Despite the best efforts of certain sections of social media and more blatantly Big Pharma, vaccines haven’t had a good press in the last few years. And despite “medicine” being a cover term for drugs, drugs-especially in America- have a declaration of so-called side-effects (effects) that have the potential to put people off taking them. When your hair falls out and doesn’t grow back having had radiation treatment for your tumour, and you’re getting a bit low on internal organs as a few too many have been surgically removed where can you turn?

Homeopathy is a con. And just about all alternative and complementary treatments haven’t had enough (falsified and manipulated) data, unlike drugs, on their effectiveness.

I suspect you know where this is going. Drumroll please. The useless and unresponsive body that is getting increasingly sicker by the day can be dramatically improved by technology!

And you will no longer need to think, because thinking is bad for you. And you will no longer be exposed to fake news (you will have a chip to filter it out) or have to apply discernment to any area of your life. The government circuitry you have been fitted with will do it all for you.

There, life is easier still surely? Unless you are declared unmutual…

Love conquers all. Never, ever give up.

Jack Stewart, 21 September 2018.

The video? Truth Stream Media.

Good old 5G, this article was also published yesterday. Get your Wi-Fry blanket TODAY!

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