Diana’s birthday.

Diana Transparent EdgesOn Sunday, July 1 it is Diana’s birthday. Had she not been assassinated she would have been 57. Is her appeal waning? Do the tabloids and the mainstream liars have other things to distract you? And I’m sure many of you are thinking how Diana would make sense of the world as it is now.

It was Anne Stewart’s birthday on April 11th. She would have been 74. I like to think I know what Anne would have made of the world today. What of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, John Smith (who is he?), Bill Hicks, George Carlin, John Lennon, George Harrison, and millions of people you’ve never heard of who knew the game was rigged? It is almost becoming boring to point out the excesses of the system and the truths buried for years which are now being revealed. Truth about the true nature of the world is gushing out like a burst water main. And yet distracted and closed minds, combined with cognitive dissonance and the trance most people are in combine to suggest we are in for a bumpy ride.

There are some things however that not even the most closed and deliberately wilfully ignorant can ignore. All around us the incidence of chronic illness, across all age groups, is skyrocketing. As an observer of these trends for the past three decades the incidence of environmental factors is becoming more and more significant. If you read any meaningful book on health you will be aware of the spiritual/emotional-mental/physical model. That is any dis-ease has its roots in the world of spirit, it is then translated into stress which affects us emotionally and mentally, which in turn impairs the immune system and lays us open to physical symptoms.

We know the allopathic medical system addresses the symptoms. It does this so well at times we ignore the stress and most don’t even consider any higher connection. But if the opinion of an intelligent researcher, observer and practitioner has any value then it is to warn those who ignore the signs that we are rushing, headlong, into a health abyss. I would go further and suggest that most of us are in the abyss looking up at the chemtrailed sky. Of course this claim is backed up by facts. Check out the incidence of cancer, heart disease, diseases of the digestive system, autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia, mental illness and prescription drug abuse. And take into account self-confessed problems in the allopathic medical model of antibiotics, the lip service paid to nutrition, and the inability to offer anything outside of removal (surgery), pills (symptom suppression) and tissue destruction (radiation).

I’m sure many of you know that 50 cents of every dollar spent in America on health goes on “alternative” treatment, i.e. non-allopathic.

Let us continue with the abyss metaphor. Some of us have a rope we can throw down to those at the bottom to enable them to climb out. Most of us who have the rope throw the rope in and walk past the abyss. A significant few hold onto the end of the rope and let it hang there until it is spotted. Many are too busy leaving their beds in Abyss and Despair Hospital Trust (ADHT, aka Attention Deficit Hyper Tension) to visit the in-house McDonald’s. I suspect it won’t be long before you can buy a burger which contains a powerful (is there any other valid kind?) prescription drug. It will be available-for a small charge- on the NHS.

I suspect I have all but exhausted the debate about appearing to be a miserable get and having a box set of rose tinted glasses. If you do nothing else having reached this far down the “post” it is to pay attention, massively to everything that contributes to your health. It is not too late, you can be healed and you need not have half your organs removed. One thing is for certain you will have to, for the rest of your current incarnation, pay attention to what you eat and how you live your life.

Or you can donate your body to medical “research” and help prolong the situation.

Life is beautiful but sometimes it takes a little effort.

Jack Stewart, June 35th (why not?) 2018.

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