Is it your wish to become the best you can be? To live a life consciously and with purpose. Do you value freedom, self-expression and compassion more than you value false security? Are you willing to take full responsibility for your health and to use the energy frequency of pure love to elevate yourself, those important to you and the world to unforeseen heights?

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love trilogy

The world is going through unprecedented change. Overcoming fear, a golden new age awaits us. My Love Trilogy, a combination of books and workshops, can help us through the aftermath of eons of suppression to emerge as the divine beings we are.

Jack Dec 30 21.

This life journey began in 1952. The formal personal development, therapy and healing started in 1977. Please go to the Jack page for my biography. If you are seeking psychotherapy and healing, I’ve worked successfully with hundreds of clients with almost the complete range of  challenges to the human condition. And, with my late wife Anne, we introduced and taught therapy and healing to over five thousand people in the UK, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.

Diana book ASAs you are open minded, and willing to suspend any scepticism when considering improving your life, get “In the Stillness Everything Happens” on the Books and CD’s page. Maybe you might be interested in becoming an even better parent? Would a celebrated relaxation CD help you? They are all here.

Writing regular, informative, challenging and amusing Blog Posts  and Podcasts keep me sane; you may agree…or not! They will at least make you think. A link to the most recent is always given here:

LATEST BLOG POST: The Road Less Travelled

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If you are convinced of the existence of the afterlife, and want to contact an exceptional medium, try my “soul son”, Jonathan Brown.

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An extract from Relax with Cats: