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“Enhancing Your Divine Connection”

 “Health is our birthright.”

(Princess) Diana

 “Love is cure, Love is power, Love is the magic of changes. Love is the mirror of divine beauty.”


Thank you for visiting this site, jackstewart.gr. It is my privilege and honour to be of service. I trust you will find that which you are seeking. Let your heart guide you. PLEASE GO TO SITE MAP TO WATCH A 23 MINUTE VIDEO WHICH GIVES AN OVERVIEW OF THIS SITE.

blessThe world is at present (November 2020) going through unprecedented change. The global currency is fear. We are all experiencing low (at times very high) levels of all-pervasive anxiety, not knowing what’s around the corner, indeed is there a corner? However, a golden new age awaits us. You will see…


My journey through personal development, therapy and healing began in 1977. If you are seeking psychotherapy, I’ve worked successfully with hundreds of clients with almost the complete range of  challenges to the human condition. And, with my late wife Anne, we introduced and taught therapy and healing to over five thousand people in the UK, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.


If you have a physical, mental or emotional “problem” which no longer serves you, please go to the Psychotherapy page. My new website, therapy.ελ is dedicated exclusively to my services. The transformational power of love is behind everything I do, and to that end, why not come to one of my Love Heals talks or workshops? And in the pipeline is the book You are Gods, a publication about ultimate empowerment.

For those of you are open minded, and are willing to suspend any scepticism when considering improving your life, try “In the Stillness Everything Happens” on the Books and CD’s page. Maybe you might be interested in becoming an even better parent? Would a celebrated relaxation CD help you? They are all here.

battleWriting regular, informative, challenging and amusing Blog Posts keeps me sane, you may agree…or not! They will at least make you think. A link to the most recent is always given here:

LATEST BLOG POST:  What Do You Expect from Someone with A Wooden Head?  April 15th 2021.

YouTube are now in the business of censorship, but there are still valuable things on my page. I’m gradually (February 2021) moving to Rumble.

And almost finally, if you still haven’t decided that I can help you, learn more about my life and approach on the Jack Stewart and Soul Connections pages.

If you are convinced of the existence of the afterlife, and want to contact an exceptional medium, try my “soul son”, Jonathan Brown.

Forgive me, but too often I like to state the obvious, so to get in touch, go to the Contact page, and for venues and dates of public trainings or talks, the Events page is your destination.

Enjoy everything that informs your search. If you are a visual person, the Site Map page may help.

On the last page (for now) Conversations with John Shawcross you will a series of videos which capture questions posed by Jack Stewart to his higher self. Namaste (the Divine in me salutes/greets the Divine in you).

An extract from Relax with Cats: